Designed By Women, For Women – The Tenacious Duo Behind #LibertyActive

An activewear label designed for affordability and with a style that could take you from the gym to the streets without having to sacrifice on fashion sense. Read on for our interview with Becca and Ming, the founders of Liberty Active.

How to Maintain Your Cool When Being Underestimated

From her time working in the cutthroat world of law to working with asylum seekers and refugees at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Saran Mutang Tagal is no stranger to being looked down upon and treated differently because of her gender. Taking time out of her busy schedule, Saran spoke to MissMafia to tell us how she maintains her cool in the workplace and why she wants to help others find their creative spark.

Why This Googler Wants You To Join MissMafia

For Meredith Wallace, MissMafia is more than a networking group - it's a passion.  The Googler co-founded MissMafia little over a year ago, with a mission: "to connect and inspire more women through a common community."  In just a year, MissMafia has grown to include workshops, social events, and content.  We spoke to Meredith about what motivated her to start MissMafia and why she continues to strive to grow their community.