Why Wearing Glasses Make You Look Hotter and Attractive

Anyone with glasses can tell you that eyeglasses make you look undeniably hot. Research by the Swiss Journal of Psychology in 2011 goes ahead to provide evidence that most people view bespectacled individuals as more attractive, intelligent, and likable. 


Here is what is excellent about glasses. 

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They Make You Look Intelligent


It is a fact that most people who spend a better part of their time in glasses close to a book have myopia. But this has always been unnoticed, and instead, people who wear them are intelligent. Sincerely speaking, a woman in glasses looks like an intellectual type. You will look like you have important things in your mind and a person that someone can talk to about many things.  

They Give Your Face a Balance


Some face shapes are viewed as more beautiful than others. Wearing glasses will often balance out your face giving it an asymmetrical illusion.

They Make a Bold Statement


You probably know that first impressions are crucial. A good pair of spectacles, whether frameless or bold plastic-framed, will give a statement about you, making you stand out. 

They Help You Keep Up With Trends 


Trends in glasses change with time. You can easily keep up with trends in this category by just switching frames to look more fashionable. 

They Make You Look Mysterious


It’s believed that bespectacled people have some levels of mystery. It might be true that you have some great secret that people will want to know. Glasses make you intriguing, which in itself is very attractive. 

They Make You Ooze Confidence


Since most people regard people with glasses as intelligent and well educated, they will highly consider your opinions and decisions. With this, you will come off as a confident individual who can contribute to your success

They Accentuate the Eyes


The eyes are a powerful feature in your body and are most likely to get noticed at first glance. Wearing eyeglasses will, therefore, attract more attention to you. 

What Your Eyeglasses Say About Your Personality


Did you know that your eyeglasses primarily speak about your personality? When selecting the eyewear, you pick something that explains the kind of person you are even without noticing it. Just like your clothes, glasses give an insight into who you are in the simplest way.

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Here is how your eyeglasses might reveal who you are.                                    



If you blend antique styles with modern styles, choose bold colors like red or love thicker rims, it shows you like keeping up with trends, and you’re a “hipster” somehow. 



This is you if you like rocking glasses with thick rims, retro frames, and you love it the old- fashioned way. Your rims could also be having aviators or wayfarers. 



If you’re a minimalist, then your eyeglasses are most often simple with a classic frame and lenses that can smoothly go with any style. Your frames are also distinct, for instance, oval or rimless, and they cover up only a little space of your face.  



If you’re a sporty woman, all you’d want from eyewear is just function. You will therefore go for semi-rimless and wrap-around glasses that will help you tackle extreme conditions. 



If you love style and embrace it as it runs in your blood, you will choose eyewear that features designer frames and sophisticated finishing. You can add an accent to your eyeglasses with gold or diamond pieces in the top paint. The many accessories will make your glasses stand out. 



Being a nerd is something cool in this age and day. If you are that, you’re most likely to go for geek- chic glasses with a horn or circular- shaped rims. Classic and vintage colors also accentuate your style. 



If you’re Bohemian, you love funky glasses, have bright colors, and have unique, exaggerated, and oversized shapes. 

Choosing the Right Eyeglasses


For most people, especially women, eyeglasses complement their look. Just as eyes tell people more about you, eyeglasses do the same. Choosing eyeglasses doesn’t require you to be a fashionista, but getting it right is very important. You don’t want people to misread you, and you do not wish to look out of place either.

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Here are factors that will help you choose the right frames;

Lifestyle and Personality


What you will be doing when wearing your eyeglasses will determine what frames to choose.        

Glasses for the office


If you work in a professional environment, you need to choose frames that improve your professional look and give clients confidence. Classic oval or rectangular shapes in gold, black, brown, silver, or grey color will give you that conservative, professional look.



Young adults are at a stage of experimentation and trying out different combinations. Students are not limited to a particular look. The trendy, unusual shapes and bright colors are the more commonly chosen frames.



 If you work in the art or creative industry, your glasses should show a funny but professional look. Depending on your personality, this category of people has the widest range of frames to choose. The common factor is that a creative chooses a unique look.



You should not stop looking great just because you are aged. Quality reading glasses in a fresh style can give you a youthful appearance. Cat-eye shapes are an excellent choice to give you that youthful appearance. You should also avoid dull-colored frames as they add more years to your look.

The Working parent


For the busy parent, an essential stylish pair of sunglasses work best. You can add a bit of color to the frames to make you look more fashionable. You should make sure that frames are durable to avoid replacing them frequently because of your young ones’ damage.



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Your Face Shape


The face is probably the deciding factor in the type of frames to choose from. The shape of your face will determine the shape and style of frames you will wear.

Oval face


If you have a well-rounded face, you are luckier as almost all frame shapes enhance your look. Despite this, frames with a strong bridge, geometric in shape, and broader than the widest part of your face work best for you.

Round face


Rectangular and square-shaped frames are usually broader than the face giving it a slimmer and longer look, which adds balance to your face.

Heart-shaped face


Frames that balance the narrowness of the chin and the forehead’s width enhance the features of your face the most. Frames with magnified brow lines like the Clubmaster-inspired and Cat-eye style frames can also work well on ladies.

Triangular faces


Triangle faces are narrow around the forehead area and widest at the jaw. Cat-eye shaped frames will do well for such a look. 

Skin Tone


When determining the type of frame best fit for you, the decision doesn’t end at your face. Skin tone also has a big say on how frames will look on you. Skin tone, in this case, doesn’t refer to the color of your skin. The skin tone is categorized into either a warm or cool skin tone. The color shade of your frames should be the closest shade to your skin tone. Warm skin tone is a yellowish golden complexion. Brown, gold, beige shaded paints are the best frame colors for you. A cool skin complexion is pinkish or bluish, which goes well with silver, black, purple, or blue-colored frames.  



Glasses usually enhance the features of your face and make you look hotter than you are. But getting the right frames to match your face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle is what will give you that alluring look. You can visit https://www.eyeglasses.com/ to order a pair of eyeglasses of your choice.