Weekend Watchlist #2: Seeing Allred

It’s the last weekend of February, and we’re back with another Weekend Watchlist! I’m personally very excited about this week’s Netflix documentary, Seeing Allred. Gloria Allred is pretty much a certified badass – she’s 76 years old, has personally taken on sexual harassment cases against some of the biggest names in politics and business, and has one of the most meticulously curated wardrobes I’ve ever seen. Oh, and… she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Netflix’s 96-minute documentary, directed by Roberta Grossman and Sophie Sartain, offers a look into the public and private sides of Allred’s life. The documentary follows some of the key points in Allred’s career, from the suing of a supermarket for discriminating between girl’s toys and boy’s toys, to her unwavering support for the accusers of Bill Cosby and Donald Trump. It’s no wonder she’s become known to always be in front of a camera. As some of the clips in this documentary prove, not only does she never back down from a good argument, she is quite possibly queen of the clapback.

But like any strong woman, Allred has a softer side which she gives viewers a glimpse of in her interviews. She talks frankly about her own rape at gun point and her subsequent abortion, revealing the root of her passion for women’s rights. The documentary seems to be a rebuttal against Allred’s critics, who accuse her of taking on high profile cases for fame and money. What certainly showed was her compassion for her clients, and for making a change in the fight for women’s rights.

The documentary is perfectly timed to add to the current dialogue on women’s rights. With movements like Me Too and Time’s Up, not only is the dialogue getting wider – it’s getting louder. In the words of Gloria Allred, “The fight has only just begun”.

Watch Seeing Allred on Netflix here.

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