We Predict What Girl Boss You Are Based On Your Starbucks Order

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It’s safe to say that every girl boss takes their coffee differently. With that being said, what a person orders does, in some way, tell us a lot about their personality.


We try to predict what kind of girl boss you are based on your Starbucks order:


1. Iced Coffee

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If you order an iced coffee, be it Americano, latte or mocha and especially in the mornings, we think you’re a no-nonsense and I-always-have-a-plan type of girl boss.

You’re super passionate in what you do but can sometimes be very forgetful because you’re just too overwhelmed with the number of things on your to-do-list.


2. Frappucino

Image source: TIME

You work hard, but play even harder. You’re essentially the life of the party.

When everyone wants to go home, you want to go on another adventure. You want to execute creative but difficult plans and you have a “can-lah” attitude towards everything.


3. Chocolate Anything

Image source: Sweetnov86 on Deviantart

We think you’re the type of girl boss who just wants peace and quiet when you’re working. You’re okay with social events, but you rather hide out in your desk to get work done.

We also think you’re not a super huge fan of coffee and you don’t really need caffeine to do work.


4. Sparkling Refreshers

Image source: Spoon University

Just like the drinks, you’re a girl boss that stands out the most in the crowd and who’s also super duper extra.

Everything in your life has pizzazz. We bet your laptop is decked with stickers and you probably have two or more sparkly dresses.


5. Brewed Tea

Image source: Fork+Plate

We think you’re the girl boss that has an old soul. You love having memorabilia around you and have an old school way of doing things.

Listening to oldies probably gets you super pumped up for the day. When you’re not working, you’re probably browsing for vintage finds.


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So, which one of these is you? Let us know in the comments section!


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