These 5 Malaysian Artists’ Work Are A Sight For Sore Eyes

The Malaysian arts industry is booming with artists that are creating and curating powerful and unique artwork. The scene isn’t that mainstream, but it’s starting to get more recognition as things like exhibitions, showcases, workshops, and more are helping creators connect with their audience.

We’ve got a list of a few Malaysian female artists you should really check out!


1. Mayang Azlan (Projek Jahat)

Image source: @Mayangazlan/Twitter

Image source: @Mayangazlan/Twitter

Mayang Sri Azlan is an artist that mostly paints on clothing. She curates one-of-a-kind pieces for the brand ‘Projek Jahat’.

Recently, she also had some of her handmade pieces on the runway of KLFW 2018.

Check out her work HERE.


2. Shafiqah Othman

Image source: @sfqomhz/Twitter

Image source:

Shafiqah draws mostly digital portrait art. She recently drew an artwork of Joji and it was retweeted by 88rising.

On top of that, she is also a writer and activist.

Check out her work HERE.


3. Sheena Liam

Image source:

Image source:

Many may know her as a model and the winner of the second season of Asia’s Next Top Model, but many may not know that she does embroidery art too!

Under the brand ‘Times New Romance’, she mostly does intricate embroidery art of women.

Check out her work HERE.


4. Sue (sue_aniart)

Image source: Sue Anne/Facebook

Image source: @sue_aniart/Instagram

Sue is a storyboard artist and illustrator. According to her Instagram bio, her life source are whales, art, and music.

She does short witty comics as well as character illustrations that will leave you in awe.

Check out her work HERE.


5. Lizzie Zany

Image source: @LizzieZany/Twitter

Image source: Lizzie Zany/Facebook

Lizzie is a Malaysian comic artist and an art director. She’s the creator of the comic series ‘Lizzie & Catman’.

She is also part of a girl power art collective called KekaBumi.

Check out her work HERE.


Were there any that we missed? Share them in the comment section below!


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