OMG, We Partnered With ana tomy On A Limited Edition Notebook!

Image credit: ana tomy x MissMafia

You’ve probably already seen us post about our collaboration with ana tomy, a brand that allows you to customise and personalise your notebook and stationery a billion times. But we’re just too excited, we can’t stop talking about it!


Here are some of the features of the notebook that should be noted:


1. The whole notebook is customisable

Image credit: ana tomy

Image credit: ana tomy

Like other notebooks and stationery from ana tomy, this one can be customised and personalised too!

Choose what colour you want the cover, wire, elastic bands, ribbon markers, and pen loop to be. You can even inscribe your name on the notebook as well.

Not only that, get the interior just the way you want it too. From what lines you want the basic pages to be to how you want your weekly planner to look like, the choice is all yours!


2. The illustrations are not only adorable but also empowering

Image source: ana tomy

Illustrated by Indonesian designer and illustrator Giovanni Marsela, the cover and several page inserts feature doodles and inspirational quotes with a soothing pastel colour palette to motivate you!


3. The quality will make your tea bubble 

Image credit: ana tomy

Each book is made to order and assembled carefully by hand. With only the use of quality materials and thought being put into every aspect of the design, the notebook is able to withstand every girl bosses’ daily needs.


Don’t take our word for it, get one for yourself!

Not only will you start the new year with a fresh new book to jot down your ideas, goals, plans, and more, but you will also be supporting local businesses and communities!


Psst, we have a special discount for you if you want to save some of that moola

Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook to get the discount code!


For more information about the notebook or to purchase one, head on over HERE.

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