Malaysians Tell Us The Best Advice Their Moms Ever Gave Them

Moms are a global treasure, and their preciousness must be preserved. Besides feeding you, clothing you, housing you, educating you, keeping you alive and generally putting up with you (which really is the hardest thing of all), moms have the unique and indispensable talent of knowing exactly what to say to make you feel all better again. In honour of Mother’s Day, and in honour of all mothers everywhere, we asked some Malaysians about the best advice their moms had ever given them. As predicted, the answers did not disappoint. Here are some of the best:

Moms know exactly what to say when it comes to the matters of the heart. 

“Treat every woman as well as you possibly can because it’s the pathway to heaven, and only they can give you the strength to succeed in life. This was when I was in high school and had my first crush.” – Jeff

“If I were to recall all the great advice my mother has told me, I could go on for days – but some time ago when I got my heart broken, she was one of the first people I told. The first thing she told me was to never numb myself, to feel what I have to feel and don’t cheat grief. Go through it, try not to drown, and seek help if you need it. Today is a bad day but tomorrow, today will be over and time will have passed and the next thing you know, it’s just a memory in the past.” – Alisya

“When I broke up with my first boyfriend (who I then thought was the love of my life), I was devastated. My mum sat with me and stroked my hair while I cried, and then she told me to never place my self-worth in the hands of others. That it’s natural to feel sad when others don’t see my worth like I do, but that it doesn’t play a role in how I should see myself.” – Benny

Sometimes their advice is short, but sweet. 

“Don’t stop pursing your passion just because no one else shares your enthusiasm for it.” – Dinesh

“Make the best of the experience.” – Inessa

“Don’t wear your diamonds in the shower.” – Apshy

“Do whatever you want; as long as at the end of the day, your heart is happy.” – Timmie

“Keep faith in yourself, for only you know the true extent of what you can achieve.” – Celeste

Other times, their advice gets straight to the point. 

“Don’t waste time being angry or grumpy about something, because it’s tiring and unnecessary.” – Alison

“Eat your greens, wash behind your ears and for God’s sake – don’t forget to smile!” – Alia

“Don’t get pregnant before you’re financially stable.” – Sarah

“The most important person for you to love, is yourself. Only when you love yourself, you can give love to others.” – Fara

But at the end of the day, all they really want you to understand is that you’re amazing and that they’ve got your back. 

“As a child, my mum was like a mouse – timid, painfully shy, and a pushover. When she had me, she decided that I would be the person that she wished she could have been. Hence the on shame, obnoxious, feisty brat that I am. Haha! So she always told me, whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve.”- Jessica

“My mum always tells me to let it be, or to let it go when something goes wrong or someone does something that upsets me. I think that taught me patience and to not waste energy being upset or angry. Also to let things be and move forward instead of circling around a problem.” – Niniek 

“My mum was always very strict, and would get mad at me about a lot of things – especially my studies. She would constantly push me to get good grades, and to get the top scores in every exam. But when I failed my PMR (now PT3) exams back in high school, she gave me this advice: ’You have tried your hardest, and you did not succeed how you or I expected. You may feel disappointed, but I am not disappointed in you at all. In fact, I’m proud of you for trying your hardest to be the best. That’s all we can do in this life, is to try our hardest to do be the best in whatever we do. And if we don’t succeed, we will try again tomorrow.’ Best mom ever!” – Rachel


To all the moms out there – we at MissMafia would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day! Your love and light is a blessing to us all, and transcends all earthly bounds. Here’s to you and your infinite wisdom!

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