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Bubbly radio presenter Linora Low wears many hats. In between emcee gigs, hosting her very own podcast “Live, Love, Lift” and being an Under Armour ambassador, she certainly puts the ‘kick’ in kickass! Linora took time out of her busy schedule to speak with MissMafia on the importance of loving yourself and what she learnt as a former “chubby kid”.

You’re a radio presenter and emcee by profession but you’re really passionate about fitness. How did you come to find yourself in the fitness realm?

I’ve always been the chubby kid in school and had “baby fat” on me till my university years (I’d later discover I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which also attributed to my weight). However, the fitness realm “found me” – I was coming out of a bad relationship and fitness was the thing that helped boost my confidence and help me get into a positive mindset. I started journaling my fitness activities online and I found that I could relate to people on a different level other than being a host. I also find it extremely rewarding whenever my stories inspire someone else to take better care of their health.

Being an influencer, do you feel any kind of pressure to act or or even look a certain way?

I believe being an influencer, comes with great responsibility. As a role model, it is important to me to stay honest, and tell my story in the most real way possible. I always try to share and create content that others can benefit from, either by learning something new or something that can uplift. I feel that followers come to you because you walk the talk and are honest about it.

As a fitness influencer, you’re a big advocate for body positivity. Have you ever had any experience with body shaming? If so, how have you dealt with it?

I’ve been through different stages of body shaming. When I was younger I was the chubby girl and was called pumpkin or bibola (as in round as a ball) in school. Then as I grew older I started weight training and became very bulky, which got me teased that I could beat up my then boyfriend. Tough as it was, these experiences taught me how to love myself and accept my imperfections. In educating myself about what works for my body, I cultivated a more loving relationship with myself.

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Why is it important that you spread this message of body positivity and self-love to your followers?

I always encourage everyone to learn how to love your body, because that’s really who you’ll be spending the rest of your life with. We have been brainwashed to think that there’s an ideal body type when really there is no such thing as perfection, only progress. I also don’t believe you need to be aesthetically pleasing all the time – meaning chiseled abs and ripped physique – which takes dedication. What I do encourage is for everyone to live a healthy lifestyle so they can enjoy the benefits both physically and mentally.

You’re a strong woman but what does strength mean to you and what gives you strength?

God gives me strength! I am only as strong as my mind and heart, which can falter, so there needs to be a bigger rock to lean on.  My family is another source of strength because they’re always there to back me up with enthusiasm that always surprises.

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Who are you favourite female icons and why?

Hattie Boydle, Gal Gadot, Ellen Degeneres, Oprah, Mother Teresa. Each woman I’ve mentioned has made a mark, changed history for a number of females and their auras are just so incredible.  

Any advice for us girls who’ve fallen off the fitness wagon and are looking to start again?

The first thing is to never beat yourself up. Once you know the formula that works for you, it’s all about going back to it again. For example, when I put on a kilo or two from the holidays and travelling (though I never feel guilty when I indulge), I know the first thing I need to do to get back on track is to eat well for my body. Next, don’t procrastinate! It’s not impossible to get back to into your fitness routine but the more we procrastinate, the more comfortable our bodies get in a sedentary state. Start slow with maybe a 20 minute walk, go for a dance class or do something outdoors with a friend, and reevaluate your fitness goals again. Once you’ve made up your mind, stick to your plan and be consistent!

If you could liken your personality to a song, which would it be and why?

It would be Mandisa’s Unfinished. I am always on the quest to be a better human being, daughter, sister and friend. This song exemplifies what I’m working towards – progression, not perfection.

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