How Can A Busy Girl Boss Keep Up With Her Health?

You’re a boss. You’ve got a company to run, or you’re self employed with no one but yourself to rely on, and that means what you say goes. You make the final decision: what presentations go out, how the emails are written, whose responsibility it is to restock the paper in the office printer, etc. You like it this way, you like knowing what’s going on, and you know you’re doing a great job of being in charge!

But when it comes down to it, you’ve still got a body of your own to look after, and you have little control over what happens inside of it if you don’t have the time or energy to make the right, healthy choices!

You’re the boss, yes, but that means you’re a busy person. Busy people can let their health, and personal happiness, slide a little. We do our best to hit the gym at least three times a week, and get up earlier than we need to to make sure of it. We go to bed later than we should as well, simply because we’ve got just a bit more work that needs finishing… And then we have all the takeaways that we consume within a week – we just don’t have time for making dinner!

So what can you do?

(Photo by Esther Driehaus on Unsplash)

Take Breakfast on the Go

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. After spending a good 7 to 8 to 9 hours in bed, sleeping soundly away, having dream after dream, both your brain and your body are going to wake up hungry! You’re going to be absolutely famished when you roll out of your sheets in the morning, and instead of getting yourself showered and dressed and made up if you so wish to, you should focus a lot of that energy on making sure you’ve got some good food to munch on.

Of course, if you’ve only got 20 minutes to get out the door and be on your way, it’s going to be very hard to make a change like this. Maybe you’re someone who has issues with pressing the snooze button, or maybe you’re just not up to immediately getting out of bed as soon as you wake up. Go ahead, lay in for 5 minutes or so – you deserve it with the day you have ahead of you!

If you’re someone like this, breakfast on the go is the solution for you. You don’t have to sit down and spend a good 10 minutes you don’t have munching away on a bowl of cereal, setting a tone of lethargy for the rest of the day. Instead, you can quickly slam your breakfast into a box, slip it in your bag, and then head out to your car or the train.

So to help this, make it a bit of a ritual the night before to get all the ingredients for a good and healthy breakfast out of the cupboard and whip them altogether. There’s plenty of recipes online for you to quickly research, and breakfast really can be one of the easiest meals of the day to put together. So no longer do you have to skip breaking your fast – go to work on a full stomach and gives yourself a stronger brain to work with for the day.

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Take 5 Minutes Before Bed

Speaking of using a bit of time before you go to bed… If you’re someone who works until you can’t physically keep your head up anymore, it’s time to give yourself a little bit of a break, for the good of your health! Of course, it’s recommended that we stop using a phone or watching the TV or typing on the computer at least an hour before we mean to hit the hay, but for a lot of us, it’s just an unrealistic expectation to try and hold ourselves to. And a lot of the time, we simply don’t want to give up our screen time that early in the evening!

If you’re the boss, you certainly don’t want to be missing out on anything that could mean a lot for the little company you’ve got on the go. These messages and emails and alerts can come through at any time of the day, and seeing as it’s your company at hand, you’re never going to quite be off the clock!

So instead of taking an hour off, start with five minutes first, and work your way up in 5 minute intervals if you can. Turn everything off 5 minutes before you start getting ready for bed, and just let yourself sit or stretch out. Take just a slip of time to calm yourself down, and get your mind to stop racing. You can even turn to mindfulness during these moments to make sure you’re not wearing yourself out – a bit of meditation, and just taking the time to feel, does wonders for how light your shoulders feel and how clear your mind can really be.

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Use the Web to Free Up Your Schedule

The internet is an incredibly useful resource, seeing as there’s a lot of information within a second or so’s reach. It’s the place you can always turn to if you need to research something very quickly, like why you feel so tired at about 11 in the morning, and it’s the place where you can actually reach out to medical professionals if you don’t have the time to go and see one in person.

Of course, you should always schedule an appointment with your doctor if you’re feeling unwell, or if you have some symptoms you’ve never noticed before. But if that takes too much time out of your schedule already, heading to the pharmacy afterwards to pick up any medicines you may have been prescribed can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

And that can mean you put off picking up some very important medications that are going to make you feel a lot better, and your health can suffer as a result. And that’s why it’s so useful that a lot of pharmaceutical companies are now online for you to order from; not to mention, it’s often cheaper online too!


Always Have Water Nearby

Water is the stuff of life, and when you’re working a busy schedule and have a lot of responsibilities on your plate, heading to the sink to fill up a glass can be a little too awkward. You may have bottled water on hand, but once that runs out, how likely are you to go and fill the bottle up again? Or if you’re someone who likes to feel energised whilst at work, do you instead reach for coffee or soda more often than not?

This can be a real problem for your body. If you’re dehydrated, you’re going to feel tired, you’re going to feel cranky, and it’s going to be very hard to try and focus. So get some water coolers installed in the office. If you already have one, get another one! Make sure they’re everywhere, so you’re never too far away from getting a cool and refreshing sip.

Here’s to making sure you can keep up with your health just as much as you do with your career. The two go hand in hand, after all, and you need to be in the best shape you can be to make sure you’ve got the right energy to take your career goals even further!