Here Are 10 Apps Every Lady Boss Needs To Stay In The Zone

With everything going on, it’s easy to get distracted and unorganised. But with the rise of helpful apps made by minds who see a solution to our inconveniences, it’s much easier to stay productive and not be a mess.


Here are 10 apps that every lady boss needs to try to stay in the zone, whether it be at work or for your personal life!


1. Trello

Image source: Trello

A Trello board is a list of lists, filled with cards that you can add, edited and share with your team. You can open a card and add comments, upload file attachments, create checklists, add labels and due dates, colour coordinate them and more. Now, you have less of a headache when you want to organise and plan your things!


2. FullContact Card Reader

Image source: Essential Tech

Ever had those moments when you want to contact someone but lost their business card? Worry no more with FullContact Card Reader, an app that scans business cards and converts the information into a phone contact.


3. Buffer

Image source: SpidersWeb

If you ever need an app to organise your social media for both your work and personal life, then look no further than Buffer. It’s a one-stop social media manager that lets you create, schedule as well as track the performance of all your social media posts in one place. It links with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.


4. LastPass

Image source: LastPass

Remembering passwords can be tedious, that’s why an app like LastPass can really help out all the forgetful lady bosses out there! It is basically a password manager that saves your passwords in an encrypted vault. Not only that, you can automatically log in your sites with a tap and it also remembers your other details like payment and shipping.


5. Noisli

Image source: Brainstorm

If you’re one to get distracted by sound easily and can’t focus with music, then you could give Noisli a try! It’s an app that has great background noises like rain, wind, fire, and more that helps you relax and focus. It also has a colour generator that brings you the healthy benefits of chromotherapy.


6. HabitHub

Image source: SteemKR

Wanna feel good and look at your progress of breaking a bad habit? Then try HabitHub! It’s an app that tracks your habit progress. Every time you break a bad habit or do a good one, the ‘chain’ grows longer, letting you see how far you’ve come.


7. Feedly

Image source: Feedly

If you read news on a daily basis from various site but can’t seem to keep up, then Feedly might be your saviour. It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources and users are able to customise with categories as well as share with others! Think of it as Facebook feed but only for news.


8. Dropbox

Image source: Dropbox

It’s crazy how some people have not heard of Dropbox before. It’s dubbed as ‘home for all your work’. You’re able to store and share your files. Since it’s downloadable on desktop, you can immediately save your files and have it synced to different devices or shared with different people!


9. Liner

Image source: Medium

LINER is a web hightighter tool that helps you literally highlight your web documents. Downloadable on Chrome and IOS, it’s great for those who just want to focus on what really matters in a long document.


10. Google Calendar

Image source: Lifewire

A very underrestimated app, Google Calendar is a calendar app that is already in your device (if you’re using Android). Every lady boss needs a calendar app, and you really don’t need an additional, so-called fancier one than the one that’s already downloaded. It’s super user-friendly, links with your Gmail. clean to look at, great at keeping you organised and well-informed of your schedule.


Go forth and be the best (organised) version of yourself with the help of these apps!


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