Hanna Halim

PR Executive by Day, Crazy Cat Lady by Night

Proud mama to the cutest exotic shorthair known to man, I am a reluctant PR practitioner with an unhealthy affinity towards Pinterest and Topshop. When I’m not creating content and driving digital campaigns as part of the marketing and communications team at YTL Hotels, I am either trawling the depths of the internet for audible treasures and gems or I’m plunging head first into a bottomless rabbit-hole of YouTube beauty tutorials and What-I-Eat-In-A-Day videos. For the most part, I like what I do but I’m always hungry for more. I hope to someday run my own business, though I haven’t quite figured out what that business entails. When I retire, I hope to own a home where I can entertain friends and family ala Ina Garten and spend my days tending to my organic vegetable garden ala Jamie Oliver.

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