Travel Tips: Using Essential Oils To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Traveling: an action coveted by many and the basis of most daydreams. Yet, traveling can also become a task once unexpected situations arise, such as catching a cold. While the more obvious option is to head to the pharmacy, there are other more effective and affordable cures available. Dating back to ancient times, essential oils have been used in numerous cultures across the globe. Slowly, these miracle oils are being re-integrated into the lives of the general public.

How exactly are these oils miraculous? Science has proven that essential oils contain chemical properties akin to antibiotics and certain essential oils even have anti-cancerous agents. Essential oils are also known to alleviate anxiety, insomnia and depression. Here are several essential oils to pack in your carry-on and save yourself the inconvenience of having to make a trip to a hospital while on holiday!

For Jetlag, Use Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil can be used to combat insomnia by either inhaling the scent or by applying the oil topically, preferably along the neck or chest. The overall quality of sleep has been shown to improve by 60% after using lavender essential oil; this was found whilst researching the effects of the oil on college students. Besides that, another study found that five men and women battling insomnia experienced immediate improvement due to the use of the oil. Too good to be true? Try it to find out!

Combat The Common Cold With Frankincense Essential Oil

If there was just one essential oil to own or to pack then that would be frankincense essential oil. Known as a natural immunity booster, the oil reinforces the nervous system to fight viruses and infections. Frankincense can be used to eliminate phlegm while also providing respiratory benefits. If you are experiencing nasal related problems then directly inhale the oil. Alternatively, you can apply the oil topically to the soles of your feet for faster absorption (aka faster healing) or ingest the oil by adding two drops to your water.

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Fight Allergies With a Combination of Peppermint + Lavender Essential Oil

Seasonal allergies are real so instead of packing antihistamines, pack peppermint essential oil along with lavender essential oil. The most effective method of curing your outbreak would be by ingesting the oils – simply add two drops of each oil to your water and voila! You can also apply the combined oils topically to the affected area as the oils are known for reducing inflammation. You can also add lemon essential oil to the blend, to reduce allergy triggers.

Stop Menstrual Cramps From Cramping Your Style With Peppermint Essential Oil

Unfortunately, every women experiences cramps at least once in her life whereas other, unlucky, women experience cramps every month. For the latter, peppermint essential oil can help. Proven to be a pain-reliever, the oil can reduce muscle spasms by relaxing the affected muscle. Finally, a natural painkiller – and all you need to do is add a few drops to your water!

Use Lime Essential Oil For Any Injuries

Considering the fact that lime essential oil contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties, there could not be a better oil to use whilst injured. The oil can be directly applied to an open wound in order to hasten the healing process. Using a carrier oil such as coconut oil would be advised in order to avoid any stinging.


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