The World’s FIRST Beauty Ice Cream

Meet the New (Literal) Skin Care Delight

After three months of thorough research and careful experimenting, the world’s FIRST beauty ice cream made its dazzling entrance at Crème De La Crème. A collaboration with lifestyle aesthetic clinic, Sliq Clinic, this irresistible scoop of ice cream serves more than its purpose of being a luscious lick on a hot day. It also aims to promote healthier and fairer skin as well as enhance one’s well-being.

Food for the Skin

Imagine all your beauty needs solved with a single delicious scoop of ice cream- hard to believe? Well, all thanks to Crème De La Crème and Sliq Clinic, supple, radiant and better-looking skin has never been made easier with their all-new product, the ‘Beauty Elixir’.

Managing director of Crème De La Crème, Lio Lim announced proudly during the launch of the dessert, “No longer do you need to chug bottles after bottles of pills or apply layers after layers of face masks to pursue the ultimate skin perfection. Dewy, glowing skin can be achieved with this tub of goodness.”

Oily or dry, the ‘Beauty Elixir’ is the ‘right cream’ for every skin type! This creamy heaven is advised to be eaten every day in order to obtain the best result for your skin. Visible effects can be seen just after thirty days of consumption.

Hold up, ice cream every day? What if you gain weight? Fret not, because the ‘Beauty Elixir’ is sugar-free! That is right! Crème De La Crème uses Malitot, a natural sugar substitute instead of regular, refined sugar. So, do not worry about having to pay your price in kilos for a flourished complexion.

“The ingredients used in this ice cream has been backed by years of research and science. Therefore, the ‘Beauty Elixir’ is guaranteed to work!” assured Lim enthusiastically.


GCC- Gorgeous, Clean and Clump-free

So, how can an ice cream help attain the desired perfect skin? The answer is in its three key supplements- Glutathione, Collagen and Vitamin C.

Glutathione is an antioxidant produced by our liver. Several factors such as poor nutrition, environmental toxins, stress and our declined in age can reduce the levels of Glutathione in our body. Glutathione helps even out our skin tones and reduce scars, making our skin brighter as well as supplying it with a beautiful afterglow. With clinical proof, Glutathione can be effective in preventing Parkinson’s disease and Cataract. It also minimizes our risk of getting cancer.

Collagen is crucial to our body because it gives structure to our skin and strengthens our bones. With collagen, our skin becomes firmer, more elastic and nourished. It reduces wrinkles along with improving acne-induced damaged skin.

Vitamin C promotes skin lightening by converting melanin to a lighter color. Often found in skincare products, this water-soluble vitamin is essential in protecting us from cell damage caused by UV. It stimulates wound healing and decreases the effects of sunburn, wrinkles as well as dry skin.

Like its name, Crème De La Crème has always stay on top by using the best source they could scout out for their products. All ingredients used to make the ‘Beauty Elixir’ are hailed from Japan.

A Taste of Japan

Rest assured the ‘Beauty Elixir’ is just as tasty as the abundant of benefits it provides. With a strong fruity zest and a flowery scent, these components are not just added for the depth in flavor. Apparently, they are also proven very favorable for our skin. The ‘Beauty Elixir’ contains-

Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) richness in fatty acids strengthens the natural barriers of the human skin in order to lighten uneven pigmentation and encourage softer, brighter and smoother skin.

Rose water is well known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and antioxidant effects that can greatly reduce redness on skin as well as aids in healing scars, cuts and wounds.

For a local touch, Lychee is added. Effective in preventing early ageing and defending against free radicals and oxidative stress, Lychee is a rich source of antioxidant and vitamins for our body.

The Spark that Starts the Churning

Passionate about both ice cream and skin care, Lio Lim revealed her difficult past experience in maintaining the ideal complexion, where she had to take 12 capsules a day. She described the unpleasant episode as ‘eating pills for breakfast’.

“I thought it was time to revolutionize both the Food  & Beverage and Beauty industries with a delicious sugar-free dessert that boasts high-grade ingredients known in the beauty industry to promote healthy skin and overall well-being,” elucidated Lim.

“‘Beauty Elixir’ is absolutely ingenious- it is the first dessert of its kind that combines skin health benefits with gastronomical pleasure, all in one scoop of great tasting ice-cream. It’s an absolute must-try for both beauty and ice-cream lovers!” exclaimed Medical Director of Sliq Clinic, Dr. Steven Chia.

Managing director, Lio Lim (left) and Dr. Steven Chia (right).

Moreover, an all-new sparkling beverage, called the ‘Essence of Beauty’ (grapefruit soda with lychee bits and two scoops of the ‘Beauty Elixir’) has also made its debut that day in conjunction of the launch of ‘Beauty Elixir’.

Both the ‘Essence of Beauty’ and the ‘Beauty Elixir’ can be found at the dessert parlour in Uptown Damansara.

You can also buy the ‘Beauty Elixir’ in tubes, which costs around RM 45 for a week of supply.

Time to lick all your beauty worries away! No more dull skin for days, say hello to happier skin!

~ Contributed by community writer, Jane Law ~