About MissMafia


MissMafia wears many hats. We are a networking group, event hosts, an education group, matchmakers and the list goes on. Fundamentally though, we are built to be a support group that is inclusive and encouraging and here to be whatever you need us to be. Friend, mentor, teacher, support system, emotional crutch, ally, acquaintance etc.


We hope to collectively brag, celebrate, inspire, and laugh a little along the way – and ultimately, bask in the light of our shared awesomeness.  We hope that by simply listening to our women leaders speak, and being supported by the strength of the women all around you, you too will find yourself inspired to do whatever it is that you want to do.


MissMafia was founded by four women, Meredith Wallace, Jessica Yong, Niniek Sugiarti, and Jenifer Ooi.  Today, we have a small but brilliant team of women who have spoken at our events and workshops, who continue to work to build our inspiring community.