7 Female Photographers In Malaysia You Should Definitely Check Out

Image source: @monkeydisease & @sherylnsy

Photography has always been a more male-dominated industry with females being in front of the camera most of the time. But that’s not the case with these talented female Malaysian photographers that are setting the bar super high and just killing it with their work!


Here are 7 female photographers in Malaysia you HAVE to check out:


1. Annatasha (@monkeydisease)

This multitalented photographer, sound engineer, pastry chef, musician and more was one of the few first photographers I followed since I had social media.

Under the hashtag #AnnatashaPhotography, she usually does portraiture photography.


2. Alia Soraya (@aliaonphotographs)

Just like fine china, but in red 🔴 #aliaonphotographs

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Besides being a photographer that does both commercial and editorial work, she’s also the founder and editor-in-chief of MULA.


3. Sheryl Ng (@_theleftside)

"She taught me how to admire my damages." model @zoeypky | mua @beatriceleong

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Sheryl Ng is one of the youngest in this list and she’s also a content creator! She co-founded Cadeaur, an e-commerce store selling handmade bracelets and other accessories.


4. Jipa (@yungmeraki)

Besides being 1/3 of the art collective, KekaBumi, she photographed the latest album cover of Spooky Wet Dreams and does concert photography too!


5. Amani Azlin (@amania_)


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Leaning towards a more contemporary take on her photography, all her photos come with an intricate story that you just can’t put your finger on.


6. Natasha Iman (@tashaiman)

First editorial shoot! Traditional meets modern

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Besides being the art director of Karya, a marketing agency, she also worked on a project called Jangan Malu with Amani Azlin.


7. Amanda (@cxpturingsouls)

Amanda does portrait, event and product photography and has also recently organised a photomeet!



Go show these talented ladies some love! And let us know if we’ve missed any photographers in the comment section below.

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