5 Things To Consider If You’re Thinking Of Getting A Second Job

There are tons of reasons why anyone might consider getting a second job; money’s an issue, you’re bored with your first job, or you just might want a change to shake things up a little. Maybe you’ve had a passion project idea brewing away in the back corner of your mind for a while, and you’d finally like to make it happen. If you’ve gotten as far as considering a second job, you’ve probably already realised the benefits of picking up another trade. The benefits are, indeed, numerous: you will feel more productive, you earn a little extra side money, get to list another experience on your resume, and explore new career options – all while expanding your network and connections.

Despite the obvious benefits, taking on a second job is still a huge commitment and should be given full consideration. Here are five things to consider if you’re thinking of getting a second job:

Will getting a second job compromise your performance in your current job? 

There’s hardly any point in committing yourself to a second job only to lose the first one. Sit down and map out how much time you have left over after your commitments to your first job, then see if that time is sufficient for you to commit to a second job. As well as this, check that your current employer does not have a policy against employees taking on a second job.

Will you still have time for yourself? 

So let’s say you’ve looked at your schedule, and you’ve found that you do have enough time left over for a second job. Here’s the next question: how much time do you have left over after that for yourself? Having time to relax and rewind is of the utmost importance when it comes to staying productive, and you won’t be of any use to anyone if you’re burnt out.

Having time to rewind and relax is crucial to prevent burnout.

Is your second job going to end up costing you money? 

If your desired second job requires you to travel, think ahead and calculate exactly how much travelling to your second job will cost you. Especially if where you plan on working is far from where you live, the cost of travelling there could build up and end up costing you more than you are earning. Consider taking on a second job that is closer to home, or a work-from-home job. Freelance jobs are also a great way of earning extra money while controlling how often you work.

Are you spending the money you currently earn sensibly? 

If your reason for thinking of taking on a second job is due to financial constraints, you should consider having another look over your current finances. Identify any unnecessary spending habits or make adjustments to your budget wherever you are able to. It is possible that bad money management is the culprit, not how much you earn!

Sitting down to map out your finances can help you curb any unnecessary spending. Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash.

What is your long-term plan for your second job? 

This is important – both for you and for those employing you. Think long and hard about what you are expecting from your second job – is your intention to work a second job for as long as you need extra money? Are you taking on a second job to explore a different career avenue? In which case, if your second job were to turn into a full-time job, would you commit to your second job full-time? These are all important questions to ask yourself, and then be up front with your potential employer about. For example, it wouldn’t be fair to apply for a long-term job with the intention of only staying for a few months.


If you’ve already considered all these things, and are actively looking for a second job – here’s some friendly advice from us here at MissMafia. Update your LinkedIn page, get talking to people, and remember – confidence is key!

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