4 Must-Have Apps To Make Self-Care Even Easier

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Some say the first step to practicing self-care is to switch your phone off. We say otherwise. Why bother shelling out for a fancy smartphone if you’re not going to use it to its full potential? Here are four of our must-have apps for self-care that you need to download onto your phone:

  1. Clue

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Clue is a menstrual tracking app and digital fertility tool that aims to give women more insight into their fertility cycle. The app begins by asking questions about your period, sex drive, mood, pain and birth control, then uses that information to give you insight into the unique patterns of your menstrual cycle. The more you use Clue, the more accurate that information becomes. The app is useful for women trying to get pregnant, women trying not to get pregnant, and women who generally just want to be more informed about their fertility.

Despite the fact that the period is a natural bodily function experienced monthly by half the world’s population, the subject remains taboo in many cultures. This awkwardness around the subject can make it hard to be properly informed about your period and fertility cycles. Having access to this knowledge can give you a sense of control over your body, and can allow you to make informed decisions about your health. Plus, it’s nice to know exactly when a mood swing is on it’s way!

Available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Available on Google Play for Android.

  1. Headspace

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There are some days when the noise becomes a little too much to handle, and you just need to clear your head so you can focus and just generally be awesome at whatever you do. If you’re looking for a way to manage stress or simply looking to practice mindfulness, guided meditation is a great way to slow down so you can centre yourself and focus your energy.

“But I don’t know ANYTHING about meditation!” I hear you say. Well, that’s the beauty of Headspace. The app is basically designed around the assumption that you’ve never meditated before, and the first 10 sessions (part of the app’s “Basics” pack) are aimed towards teaching you the basic aspects of meditation. The goal of the app is to teach you “the essentials of living a healthier, happier life”. You can specify what area of your life you’d like to improve upon through meditation, but some guided meditations are only available if you purchase the Headspace subscription.

Taking a few minutes to breathe and centre yourself can mean the difference between a good day and a great day. It’s a great way to let go of lingering feelings, getting in control of your emotions and finding peace within chaos. Also, if you needed any more convincing that this app is going to help you de-stress; former members of President Donald Trumps’ staff used Headspace to deal with the stress of working for him!

Available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Available on Google Play for Android.

  1. Grateful: A Gratitude Journal

Ever felt like there’s nothing good going on in your life? You’re not alone. We all inevitably come to the realisation that it simply isn’t true – that of course there are many things we should be grateful for, and are grateful for. This shouldn’t make you feel like you’re a bad person; life moves fast, and it’s easy to forget the small things that we’re grateful for. These small things are important, because over time they add up to become big things. Grateful makes this easy by offering daily prompts, designed to make your reflection both a joyful and easy process.

The benefits of keeping a gratitude journal, according to Grateful, are: 1. Increased clarity and appreciation of your life, 2. Focus on what truly matters, and 3. Reminders of your many blessings, big and small. The app also allows you to attach photos to entries, so you can have a visual reminder of what you’re grateful for.

The free version of Grateful gives you 15 entries, so for unlimited entries you’ll have to purchase the one-time upgrade for RM19.90. The upgrade gives you unlimited entries and custom prompts, allows you to export entries to PDF, backs up your data, and enables you to password-protect your entries. While it is slightly on the pricy side for an app, I personally feel that this one-time payment is worth it. I’ve been using Grateful for the last week, and have really enjoyed the simplicity of the app as well as having a space to document the little things that I’m grateful for.

Available on the App Store for iOS devices.

  1. Charity Miles

We all know exercise is one of the best methods of self-care. Exercising releases endorphins into the body, promotes a healthy mindset, and is generally just great for keeping fit. But what if (like me) you still lack the motivation to actually get up and exercise? That’s where Charity Miles comes in.

Apart from being a running and walking distance tracker, Charity Miles donates a certain amount of money (yes, real money) to a charity of your choice for every mile you walk. Every time you begin a run, the app will ask you to choose a charity to donate to. While the app is open, they show an ad from the sponsor that’s donating the money on your behalf.

Each run might not earn a life-changing amount of money, but hey – if you’re going to run, you may as well run for charity.

Available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Available on Google Play for Android.


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