4 Ways You Can #PressForProgress This International Women’s Day

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Happy International Women’s Day! If you’re a woman, today is for you! If you’re not a woman, today is for you to do something in the name of helping women. The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day campaign is #PressForProgress, a campaign geared towards rallying global support for the fight for gender inclusivity. The campaign runs throughout the year, with groups around the world adopting and promoting the campaign for continuing initiatives, activities and events.

The International Women’s Day official website states: “International Women’s Day belongs to all communities everywhere – governments, companies, charities, educational institutions, networks, associations, the media and more. Whether through a global conference, community gathering, classroom lesson or dinner table conversation – everyone can play a purposeful part in pressing for gender parity”.

While it’s important that everyone gets involved in the campaign, thinking about how can seem daunting. Here are 4 simple ways that you can #PressForProgress this International Women’s Day:

  1. Speak Up For Others

Make a pledge to speak up for others who may not be able to do so for themselves. There are any number of reasons why a person may feel uncomfortable, or unable to speak up for themselves – whether it’s fear of losing their job, their home, or their friends. Wherever possible, if you find yourself in a position where you are aware that someone is being discriminated against, and you are able to speak up for that person – do not hesitate to do so. Your words may do more than you will ever know, and you might find that others will be inspired to do the same.

Take the pledge to #PressForParity on the official International Women’s Day website.

  1. Get Involved

Don’t stress yourself out if you can’t think of ways to #PressForProgress – there are countless NGOs out there who have committed themselves to this cause. Lend your support to these NGOs by either volunteering or donating. There are many NGOs out there of different causes and sizes, so take your time to look around and see which NGO’s mission resonates with you the most. However, here are a few suggestions of NGOs to kick start your search:

  • Tenaganita is a human rights and non-profit organisation that has been working to protect women, refugees and migrant workers from exploitation, discrimination and human trafficking since 1991. Learn more about what they do here.
  • Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) Malaysia offer free and confidential services to women and children who have experienced abuse, including a SMS/Whatsapp hotline, counselling, shelter and personal case management. They also work to educate the public on issues related to gender-based violence. Get involved, or learn more about WAO here.
  • The All Women’s Action Society, or AWAM for short, is a non-profit organisation that operates based on feminist principles. They seek to build a movement geared towards securing women’s rights and supporting women in crisis, and do this through media communications, advocacy, public education and free counselling and legal services. Learn more about AWAM here.

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  1. Pay The Love Forward

Sometimes, the fight for gender parity is in the small things – whether it’s paying someone a compliment, or showing your appreciation through some flowers. Studies have shown that women are disproportionately affected by feelings of inadequacy, and a lack of self-belief – which can hold them back in the long term. A simple token of your appreciation, as well as a few kind words, can go a long way towards changing how someone thinks of themselves. Check out Bloomthis or HappyBunch for gift ideas – their bouquets make the perfect gift to brighten someone’s mood this International Women’s Day. They even have a special collection for IWD! You can also check out our list of cruelty-free beauty gift ideas for your BFFs.

  1. Treat Your Self!

You might be thinking to yourself “What does treating myself have to do with fighting for gender equality?” The answer is simple: because YOU are an important part of the fight. While it’s important to look out for others and to offer support to those who need it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to take some time off for yourself. Self-care is the most simple form of revolution there is, after all. Maybe treat yourself to a good movie, a new outfit, a decadent meal, a mani/pedi, or 10 hours of solid sleep. You could do some online shopping and get yourself some chic new jewellery from Wanderlust + Co. Or, you could tuck yourself in for an evening of International Women’s Day-worthy TV with our Weekend Watchlists 😉 The possibilities are endless!

Bonus: Make the pledge

Download and/or print our social media/selfie cards and make the pledge to #PressForProgress

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Whatever you decide, we here at MissMafia hope that you have a very happy International Women’s Day. We are honoured to count you as part of our growing community of kick-ass women, and we can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us. We hope you’ll be with us every step of the way, and we look forward to growing with you.

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