5 Malaysian Cruelty-Free Beauty Gift Ideas For Galentine’s Day


Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone… but Galentine’s Day is. Specially designed to replace Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day is the celebration of the best kind of love: the love between you and your closest friends. Besides being an excellent play on words, Galentine’s Day is an excellent excuse to get together for a long catch-up session, and maybe exchange some gifts! In the spirit of showing love, we’ve put together a list of gifts for Galentine’s Day that are also from local, cruelty-free brands – because showing love to animals and the homeland is important too.

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  1. Velvet Vanity

For the glam galentine, Velvet Vanity’s creamy matte lipsticks are the perfect Galentine’s Day gift. Featuring 10 luxurious shades ranging from a nude to deep reds and browns, Velvet Vanity’s lipsticks mirror the luxury of high-end brands without the crazy price tag. All their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and sure to please even the most fussy of galentines!

Shop Velvet Vanity products at http://shopvelvetvanity.com

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  1.  Orkid Cosmetics

Orkid Cosmetic’s liquid lipsticks have become wildly popular over the last year or so, and not just because of their eye-catching shades and gorgeous smooth finish. The brand is committed to producing high-quality Halal beauty products for the modern Muslim woman. Priced at RM39.00, Orkid Cosmetic’s matte suede liquid lippies are definitely sitting at the ‘affordable’ end of the spectrum. Whether as a gift for your Muslim or non-Muslim galentine, a liquid lipstick from Orkid Cosmetics will surely be greatly appreciated.

Shop Orkid Cosmetics at https://www.orkidcosmetics.com

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  1.  Wunderbath

We here at MissMafia know that make-up isn’t quite for everyone. Some may choose to embrace the bare-faced beauty aesthetic (a la Alicia Keys) for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s due to sensitive skin or due to the fact that they just aren’t that into make-up. Perfect for the low-maintenance galentine, Wunderbath’s products range from candles, soaps, bath bombs and lip balms to essential oils, and are all natural, handmade and paraben-free. Perfect for that guilt-free pampering session 😉

Shop Wunderbath at https://www.wunderbath.co


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  1.  Can Can’s Beauty

Now everyone’s got that one girlfriend who’s totally anti-Valentines Day. You don’t want to seem insensitive, yet you don’t want her to feel left out. Besides a range of liquid lipsticks in stunning shades, Can Can’s Beauty are offering an Anti-Valentines bundle, containing one of their Velvety Matte Lip Cremes and a Dion Beaute Eye Emphasiser. Bonus: the bundle is only RM79.00! Extra Bonus: their products are also cruelty-free!

Shop Can Can’s Beauty at https://cancansbeauty.com

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  1.  Good Virtues Co.

Good Virtues Co. boast an amazing range of cruelty-free and paraben-free products, ranging from body scrubs to shampoos. Their products use natural ingredients that are beneficial to your hair and skin, and their packaging is really pretty too. For the more practical galentine, one of Good Virtues’ gift sets definitely wouldn’t go amiss.

Shop Good Virtues Co at https://store.goodvirtuesco.com

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