10 Local Female Music Artists You Should Have In Your Playlist

Image source: Talitha / Lovelifest 2017

The Malaysian music industry has been booming for the past few years and it’s a relief to see talented music artists getting the recognition they deserve.


You don’t have to look far and beyond for great music. Here are 10 local female music artists you should jam to:


1. Talitha Tan

Image source: MissBish

This singer-songwriter is known for her beautiful voice and athletic skills. Being in the music industry for about 6 years now, she once said “performing is my happy pill,” and has performed at festivals like Good Vibes 2017, Urbanscapes, Publika Jazz Fest, as well as internationally at LENKA’s Asia Tour and SKY MUSIC FESTIVAL in Japan.


2. Lunadira


Image source: Juice

This self-taught R&B singer-songwriter started out doing covers and posting them on social media while making coffee in a cafe. Nadira Diah, or better known as Lunadira describes her music as a blend of 2000s R&B with lyrical influences from Daughter, an English indie folk band, and Frank Ocean, an American alternative R&B artist, she told SAYS.


3. Bil Musa

Image source: Remaja MY

After singing at a wedding, Nabilah Musa was signed to Yuna’s recording company, ‘Yuna Room Records’. She recently performed at Good Vibes Festival 2018 as well as Urbanscapes 2018’s Unlimited Grooves. She recently released her new album, ‘Young Adults’ that features dreamy songs with hints of R&B, pop, and alternative rock like ‘No More Excuses’ and ‘4AM’.


4. Zamaera

Image source: TimeOut

This rapper rose to fame last year with her song ‘Helly Kelly’ that dominated the MET chart for six weeks straight. She started writing poems and short stories at the age of eight and has collaborated with big names like Joe Flizzow and SonaOne. She was also the only female rapper among 50 contestants for the rap cypher competition, Red Bull Blend 2016, where she won second place.


5. Bihzhu

Image source: SAYS

This Penangite has performed in music festival all over the world. Her song, ‘The Heart Way’ was chosen for a Penang Global Tourism advertisement that featured Dato’ Jimmy Choo on the Asian Food Channel for 14 weeks in 10 countries. She also wrote the lyrics for Ola Bola’s ‘We Will Believe Again’.


6. Nik Qistina

Image source: YouTube

After posting covers on the Vine app, this teen singer caught the attention of Universal Music Malaysia. She released her first single, ‘Young Hearts’ in 2016 and it has over 500,000 views on YouTube to date. She has shared stages with American singer Greyson Chance and Malaysian pop queen Siti Nurhaliza.


7. Elizabeth Tan

Image source: NST

Elizabeth rose to fame after she posted a rendition of Joe Flizzow’s ‘Havoc’ and has never looked back since. She was chosen to sing the Malay version of Disney’s Elena of Avalor’s theme song. When she’s not making music, she is probably pursuing her career in acting or making videos for her YouTube channel.


8. De Fam

Image source: Star2

The dance-pop trio is no stranger to Malaysia’s music scene. Azrina, Sophia, and Cik Manggis are best known for their hit single ‘Supergirls’, which won Best Vocal Group Song Performance at the 22nd Music Industry Awards. They’ve performed at countless shows and festivals as well as collaborated with local and international acts. When they’re not performing, they are involved in acting, dancing, show-hosting, and many more.


9. Yuna

Image source: Wikipedia

This singer-songwriter needs no introduction. Having performed at festivals like Lollapalooza, played at MTV Studios, was awarded the Most Successful Malaysian Singer from the Malaysian Book Of Records, was nominated in the Top 20 Best R&B Albums of 2016 by Rolling Stone Magazine, and so much more. She also collaborated with Usher and became the first Malaysian singer to be nominated for the BET Awards.


10. Zee Avi

Image source: Star2

Izyan Alirahman, or better known as Zee Avi, is a singer-songwriter that also plays the guitar and ukelele. She won her first major international award for Best Original Film Song for Ola Bola’s Arena Cahaya at the 53rd Taipei Golden House Film Festival and Awards. She recently performed at Urbanscapes 2018’s Unlimited Grooves Pre-Party.


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